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“Uplifted thoughts take us beyond self-pity to healing.”

The genesis of this article is a little protracted. I originally sat down to write a sort of treatise on the value of never complaining. It had become clear to me in my study of Christian Science that a human tendency to find things to complain about can keep someone from grasping truth wholeheartedly. I had been particularly adept at doing just that, and I wanted to share my insight with others.

So I set out my new-found understanding that I could only entertain joy and love if my thinking was not in “complaint mode.” However, along the way, the article took on too much of an accusatorial tone and its language lacked compassion. In making a metaphysical argument it is easy forget that one is not going to have much of an audience if entreaties to “rise higher mentally” lack love. Net result: The article needed a rewrite.